Whole School Curriculum


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Our Sustainability Curriculum Overview

Our aim is that all children experience learning linked with the following areas:

  • School Grounds and Growing – Outdoor learning is integral to every year group and children experience this within a variety of lessons.
  • Biodiversity – Children learn about environmental science and how to improve the biodiversity of the school.
  • Energy, water and recycling – Saving energy and focussing on renewable sources is key. This filters through topics and assemblies throughout the year.  Children actively look for ways that they can lessen their footprint on this world.
  • Global Citizenship – We have partnerships around the world from China to Italy – children receive visitors from afar or make new friends with email projects.
  • Smart Travel – It is vital that children take the opportunity to lead a healthy, active life and this can also have a positive impact on the air we breathe. Our Junior Travel Ambassadors help lead the way with this.

One of the key aims at Warren Road is to make sure that children have an appreciation of the environment around them.  We are a school committed to sustainability, evident in our status as a Green Flag School and as WWF Green Ambassadors.  As a result, Sustainability is woven throughout every subject and found within classroom ethos.  It is also clearly visible around the school grounds, where children help to improve the biodiversity and participate in outdoor learning in a range of subjects. With this ethos, we aim to inspire creative minds and foster enthusiasm for discovery.

Our mission is for all children to leave Warren Road understanding the world around them and also the impact they have on it, however large or small.