Reporting Absences


WRPS Absence Policy

What to do if you need to report your child’s absence

Regular and punctual attendance at school is a statutory requirement and it is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that this occurs. Regular and punctual attendance is vital to your child’s learning. Attendance at Warren Road is good. Our aim is for attendance records to be outstanding.

To comply with Government legislation, schools are required to publish authorised and non-authorised absences of all pupils on an annual basis.

We appreciate that there are times when absence is unavoidable such as if your child is unwell, has a medical appointment, has suffered a bereavement or is taking external exams and visits to receiving secondary schools. If there is a valid reason then the absence will be authorised.

If there is not a valid reason then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. For example: shopping trips, theatre visits and birthday treats.

If you decide you wish to take a holiday during term time you must complete a holiday form requesting this. These are available from the office. It is advisable to do this before booking your holiday as there is not an entitlement for holidays to be taken during term time. The headteacher will decide on an individual basis whether or not to authorise absence. No holiday in excess of 10 days will be authorised.

What to do if your child is absent

In order to ensure the safety and security of all children, we request your support in notifying us promptly if your child is absent from school. We do not wish to experience a case where the parent thinks their child is at school when in fact they are not. We shall be making daily telephone calls to any parents whose child is absent without notification.

The best way to contact us is by email to:

Alternatively, you can telephone the school on 01689 853798. Your email or call should be made by 9.30 am on the day your child is absent.

If you know in advance that your child will be away from school, perhaps for a medical appointment, then please send a note in advance to the class teacher.

We ask you to notify us on a daily basis if your child is absent due to illness unless you can be specific about how long they will be absent at the outset.

Pupil’s punctuality

Please try to ensure that your child is punctual. All children arriving late to school, or leaving early, should sign in or out at the Main Reception desk. The Family Liason Officer will follow up on repeated or unexplained absences.