Whole School Curriculum


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Our Music Curriculum Overview

Our aim is that all children:

  • learn how to play a musical instrument, starting with recorders in Year 3 and a range of tuned and percussion instruments in a weekly music lesson. Peripatetic music lessons are also available on a range of instruments.
  • take part in musical events in their local community, for example, the Bromley Schools Music Festival, Gamelan workshops at Sevenoaks School, singing carols in The Glades, visiting and performing to local care residents, school performances;
  • perform in front of an audience, including school assemblies, annual music concerts and school performances;
  • have the opportunity to join the school choir, Glee club or orchestra, building confidence and giving more purpose to playing and singing;
  • develop their listening and concentration skills: music lessons and group activities significantly help children to build their communication and listening skills which impact all areas of learning;
  • compose, listen and appraise: composing in groups and individually; reading and writing music notation and creating musical scores; listening to a range of composers and genres of music from around the world; making cross-curricular links.

At Warren Road, we aim to ensure that all children have the opportunity to experience and enjoy musical activities. These include playing in groups, performing to peers, composing and enjoying listening to music.  Music can spark a child’s imagination and open up a whole world of new possibilities, cultures and intellectual capabilities. Music is about communication, creativity and cooperation, with listening at the heart of it.  Through playing and performing, children grow in confidence and are better equipped to take on new challenges as they move through their lives.

Children learn in different ways and we ensure that music is taught in a variety of ways, enriching and challenging all children.