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Over the last few years, the PTA has raised approximately £20,000 per annum, from a wide range of activities. The main fundraising events are the Xmas Fair, Spring Fair and Summer Fete. The annual Xmas Disco for pupils along with other smaller events which vary each year, such as Quiz Nights and Fashion Shows (for parents) and more recently a very successful Film Night for pupils raise significant additional funds. Smaller amounts are raised from activities such as the sale of school calendars, T-shirts and second-hand uniforms.

These funds are then donated to the school for various purposes. One of the original reasons for establishing the PTA was to fund the school swimming pool and we have continued to fund maintenance costs, which have varied between £2,000 and £8,000 over the last 4 years.

Payment ForAmount Spent
£150 per class for teacher to choose additional resources£4,200 p.a.
Listening Ear£3,000 p.a.
Life Bus£3,200 approx p.a.

In 2009/10 we agreed to provide funding towards the Year 6 Isle of Wight trip and in 2011/12 we also agreed to provide the extra funds needed to employ the crossing control person. We are proud to say that both these activities continue in 2020.

As of January 2020 the PTA are reviewing these regular payments to ensure the best use of our funds.

In addition to the regular payments, the PTA have funded several one-off purchases and expenditures including, the school library, both school halls and a large amount of outdoor play equipment.

In the event of raising more funds than we expend in any one year, these funds are held in the first instance in reserve for years where expenditure exceeds funds raised. After that reserves are held to fund any significant projects which would be agreed upon between the PTA, Head Teacher and School Governors.

New WRPS School PE accessories

Warren Road PE T-shirts, hats, and PE Bags can be ordered from the PTA, please click here to download our form.

New WRPS School PE accessories

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