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Year 2 had a visitor from Animal Aid…

On Thursday 20th January, Year 2 were visited by Mark from Animal Aid. 

First, Mark talked to us about animals’ feelings and needs. He explained the importance of looking at an animal’s tail and facial expressions to see how they are feeling. The children shared with each other about how they know how their own pets are feeling and what makes them happy.

After this, we watched a short film showing the importance of being kind to animals of all sizes. https://animalkind.org.uk/animal-kind-film/

Following on from this, we thought about different hazards that animals face because of humans. For example, dropping litter on the street, driving too fast and throwing debris into rivers. The children then had to complete an exercise in spotting different hazards to animals on a laminated A3 sheet and explain why they thought it was a hazard.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Mark and have become much more mindful about our actions towards animals.